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Aptivate helps in increasing the appetite of children, which then ensures an improved immunesystem. Aptivate contains Guduchi, Amla, Pipli and additional 6 other key Ayurvedic ingredients.As per the ministry of AYUSH guidelines, Guduchi and Amla are immunity enhancers. Aptivate works in minutes to increase the child's appetite & immunity. Time it 30 minutes before every home-cooked meal so that your kids wholeheartedly finish the food on their plate, and you get the ultimate #KhaaliPlateWaliKhushi.

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Power of Ayurveda

Enriched with Guduchi, Amla, Pipali & 6 other key Ayurvedic ingredients*

100% Ayurvedic

Ayurveda is a time-tested and well-recognised system of medicine. Aptivate provides the essential benefits of Ayurveda in children’s daily lives and enriches the nutritional value of the food they consume, thereby promoting healthy and complete growth and development in them.

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Amalaki Guduchi Pippali Saunf Yavani Jeera Naga... Kutki Vidang


Piper longum

Immune Enhancer & Energiser


Emblica officinalis

Natural Vitamin C Supplement

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Aptivate syrup to be given 30 minutes before meals to naturally stimulate appetite. For mothers, it then becomes easy to feed nutritious home-cooked meals.

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Get your child to finish Home-Cooked meals wholeheartedly!

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